About Our Company

Here To Serve Our Clients

At California Special Patrol, we understand the sensitive and
imperative nature of security needs.

Business Approach

As a contract security company providing security officer and patrol
services to all of California, California Special Patrol is sensitive to the
important issues impacting the delivery of security services.

The strength of California Special Patrol is our ability to assemble a
multi-disciplined and very talented group of security professionals who
have been on the leading edge of some of the major developments in
the fields of security and law enforcement.

Our thoroughness of approach, attention to detail and the highest
degree of professionalism are the benchmarks of our organization. Most
importantly, we realize that success is a function of team performance.
California Special Patrol’s corporate culture, management style and
operations reflect our commitment to this concept.

Uniform Attire

Uniform appearance is an integral part of security services: At California Special Patrol several options are available:

  • – Corporate – Suit and Tie
  • – Corporate Casual – Polo and Slacks
  • – Traditional Uniform
  • – Utility

You decide which attire best represents your needs.