There are other choices out there. Other alternatives that may just get you by. But when it comes to your company, these choices can mean the difference between protection and loss. Get Started

Dedicated Vehicle Patrol

Request your own dedicated officer with patrol car...very effective.

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Armed / Unarmed Officers

All officers are academy trained, and armed officers are fully vetted by the FBI.

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24-Hour Emergency Response Service

Our 24-Hour dispatchers and supervisors are ready at a moment's notice to respond to any emergency.

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A Message from the President and Chief

When choosing a security provider, the choices can seem endless. As consumers, we look for value and quality in everything that we buy. The choices we make are based on reputation and customer service. At California Special Patrol you'll find the top quality and reliability seldom seen in this industry. I've assembled a very talented team of professionals at your service, 24 hours a day.

We look forward to meeting with you.
F. Daniel Miller